Frequently Asked Questions

Advice on Kitchen Planning

Your kitchen is unique to you and is likely to be the most important room in your home, a place where you will want to feel at ease when preparing the smallest of meals, like a quick breakfast before getting out to work (or staying home to work in the new work from home scenarios that many are finding themselves in), to preparing the biggest of meals for that special family celebration and most importantly, a place where you can comfortably relax with that cuppa and catch up with the stories of the day.  The layout of your kitchen will depend entirely on your taste, your requirements, your space and your budget. When planning your kitchen you will need to consider some of the following important FAQ’S and together with your desires and our expertise, we can assist you all the way from planning and manufacture to fitting your dream kitchen.

If you have a question not covered on this page, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.


Start with a list: Consider your preferences in terms of style, traditional, contemporary or a solid painted kitchen?  Know your budget and don’t set yourself up for disappointment – be aware that you will have to make choices in order to stay relatively within your budget .e.g. American fridge freezer vs. curved doors vs. quartz or marble worktop.  If it comes to making a decision which would you absolutely prefer to have? Be honest with yourself and be practical.  Your kitchen should be functional to your needs and desires and be somewhere that you feel is a complete pleasure to come home to.

Take your time. Decide firstly if you are choosing a contemporary finish  that will be the colour for your kitchen’s lifetime or a painted finish that can be  re-sprayed in years to come to a completely different colour scheme.  Taking this into account, add your colour preferences to your list.  Take into account the shape of your kitchen, the amount of natural light available and the space, e.g. a dark colour with limited natural light may not be a good idea.  You can also consider two different colour contrasts in your cabinetry and this can work very well. Consider your flooring also – will it be dark or light?  This can impact greatly on your decision for kitchen cabinet door colour. If choosing wooden flooring, we can assist you with this.    

Do you have the space?  If you don’t – an island unit (sorry) may not be for your  kitchen.  You need to have ample space to walk around an island unit, otherwise, it will just be a nuisance.  We will advise you on this when measuring your available space.  If you have the space, we will be delighted to help you make the best decision on an island unit. With regard to colour (i.e. you may want it to be different from the wall units), making the most of the underneath storage, and if you also want it to be functional and include space for some dining.  Add to your list what you would like your Island Unit to include. 

Budget will be a big deciding factor for your preferences on a worktop, however, we can assist you with whatever your preference is.  Some of the best advice we can give in relation to worktops is to firstly decide what your personal preference is.  Consider style and wear and tear and then include it on your list.  Depending on the kitchen size, you may find that your preference is not currently affordable, but we don’t think that should hinder you in achieving a highly functional and stylish worktop finish.  There are lots of choices and whether formica, granite or quartz, we can help you.

We think a pantry unit is a huge asset in any kitchen and recommend you put it on your list if you like the idea.  Again, it is not something every kitchen can have as space can sometimes limit you, for example, if your required appliances are taking up quite a bit of space, you may not be able to fit in a tall pantry unit, but if you can, we will be only too happy to help you and design you a bespoke pantry unit to meet your needs.

All our kitchens are bespoke made to measure kitchens to suit the homeowner’s individual space and design, therefore we provide a call out service to measure and design your own kitchen free of charge. Quotations and pencil drawn plans are free of charge.  Computerised plans are available at a small charge, if you proceed with the work this is deducted from your finished price.

As our kitchens are bespoke and designed to the individual choice of our customer, you will need to decide and what type of sink and tap you would prefer, for example, a single or double bowel or bowel and a half.  Taps come in all shapes and sizes and indeed price ranges, so we will be only too happy to work with you on your preferred choices and what will suit the overall design of your kitchen.  Likewise fittings such as handles, carousel units, spice racks, bins etc. are all to customer’s own individual preferences and we will talk through all this with you when designing your kitchen, but do advise you to add/include what you would like on your wish list.

We frequently re-vamp existing kitchens and re-lacquer or spray paint solid kitchens to give them a whole fresh new look. Changing a worktop and handles along with spray painting a solid kitchen is an in-expensive way to enhance your kitchen and more importantly a sustainable solution to giving your kitchen new life and modernising and brightening up your home.

This is where we come in.  Contact us to arrange an appointment for a free call out to plan and measure your kitchen, provide you with a quote and the different options you have.   

Advice on Wardrobes/Sliding Door Storage/Fit-out of Walk-in Wardrobes

Designing bespoke wardrobe storage solutions in the bedroom is an area we have vast experience in.  We offer stylish wardrobe doors and also our sliding door solutions to wardrobe space offer a sleek and compact storage space within the bedroom.  Our aim is to make the best use of space available and provide our customer with the optimum amount of solutions to their specific needs.  Some of the following frequently asked questions may help you when planning wardrobe space in your home.


Start with the doors and colour choice. The size of the room will determine how your wardrobe will be planned out, but you need to make a list of your preferences for storage within the wardrobe and then we can plan your wardrobe from there.

A bridged wardrobe space over the bed can help maximise your storage space and be a great use of otherwise wasted space.  This can then give you the space you many need on another wall to include a chest of drawers or a dressing table unit.  

We can of course. Let’s be honest, the layout of a walk-in wardrobe can be just as important as your regular wardrobe and to maximise its use we can provide you with a quotation to include a solution to your storage options within your walk- in wardrobe space.  Think about what you want within your walk- in space, i.e. shelving, drawers, shoe racks, and hanging lengths.  Give us a call and we can call out and measure your space and provide you with a quote to meet your needs.

This is quite common and a very worthwhile thing to think about, even thinking about the fact that your 4 year old will become a 14 year old is well worth thinking about in the long-term functionality of wardrobe space. If your space allows, we advise designing your wardrobe to accommodate drawer space/or shelving for the smaller person’s clothes that will be largely folded, together with two levels of hanging for the smaller child perhaps to one side, whilst creating longer hanging spaces for the older child with more storage options for bags and shoes.  A small vanity table and the option for a study desk with shelving to store books will likely be an essential for this bedroom.  Again, make a priority list for what you want in the room and we will work with you to try and maximise your storage solutions.

Not all, but most!  Give us a call and we can advise you.  Our sliding door solutions are sleek and stylish and are a surprisingly affordable storage solution, not just in the bedroom, but in many areas of your home.

A hinged door opens out into your room, therefore requiring more space in terms of getting to see into your wardrobe.  A sliding door is flush, thereby allowing for more storage options and an easier view into the interior.  

All our wardrobes are custom made to suit your designated order, so we can work with you around any awkward spaces to provide the best solution for the optimum amount of storage.

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